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Mac OS: version 1.0 / version 1.0SL
posted 12/26/96

Windows 95: version 1.1
posted 2/28/97












Pixound is a revolutionary software technology , enabling the interpretation of graphic data as music and sound. It can be used to create both on-line and off-line interactive environments.

Music is at the foundation of the PixoundTMexperience. The best way to understand this experience is to have it.




Maker event editor window



The Only Tool
for Making pixound Interactive Web
and Multimedia

Pixound Technology Partners is happy to announce the Pixound Maker, our production software. This powerful tool suite is designed to provide artists, musicians and interactive developers with a new medium of expression.

Visit the Applet Gallery to download sample Pixound applets. These do not require a browser for use.

Visit the Plug-in Gallery to experience Pixound on line. These Pixound enabled web pages are here for you to play after you have downloaded and installed the Pixound plug-in. (lounge)

What HotWired's
Webmonkey says

Feedback has been
quite positive

Installation Overload
the Kitchen, March 15, 1997

Internet World at Roseland

I-Magic Awards


the GIG

Silicon Alley Initiative
Entrepreneur of the Year Runner-up

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