“Pixound is the musical expression of chi.”

Grand Master Eugene Floyd, 10th Degree Black Belt, Ninja University Founder

“I use SportSonix technology in my Dojo to enhance karate practice, accuracy and keep students coming back for more.”

Grand Master Ken Gartman, 8th Degree Black Belt, 7-Time World Champion

Hear Motion as Music!
Pixound technology can be used to track the motion of atheletes and dancers of every sort. All you need is a video camera, a laptop and a sound system to begin working with SportSonix. Setup is simple! We don't just create sounds with motion—we create music!

Because multiple pointers (stylae) can be used at once, you can map any zone, field or court to have different music or sounds at different locations. Pixound can be used to "musify" anything from a golf swing to a basketball game. You can even combine multiple SportSonix installations to create greater coverage and more variation.

Much more than a musical diversion, this technology can be used to test atheletes for accuracy or challenge them to "keep the music going" or simply enhance the sports experience by adding a layer of musical "rewards" to certain actions. The possibilites are innumerable. We have found that aerobic workouts while using pixound tend to last longer because rather than working out to a preset beat or song, when you are making the music as you go, you want to keep it going. And it's far less tedious because it's never quite the same. This is a fun form of biofeedback!

Something a small as a single foot can be "pixified"
or as large as a basketball court.

Midi Support
By routing the output of pixound to external Midi devices, you can open up a whole world of samples and sounds to make the experience that much richer.

Techné Media currently licenses SportSonix installations on a consultation basis. Please contact Techné Media at licensing [at] technemedia.com to find out more.


  • Pixound RGB Color-Music Interpreter with manual and autoplay modes
  • Added drum and bass track support for rhythmic enhancement
  • Base music on known chord progressions
  • Over 60 Musical Scales
  • Up to 8 simultaneous 3-voice pointers on screen at once
  • Built-in Harmonizer
  • Completely customizable and configurable
  • Live performance mode takes the old-fashioned sports organ to the next level.

Mac OS X 10.3 or higher. Midi interface if using the Midi features.

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