My new favorite app!! - ★★★★★

by MusicianReviews - Version - Dec 14, 2011

this app is amazing! it's so much fun to play, for musicians it's simply incredible -- I'm addicted.

Great Ap!!! - ★★★★★

by Technical Ryan - Version - Dec 16, 2011

Very fun to play with

AMAZING!! - ★★★★★

by widilouwho - Version - Dec 12, 2011

This is such a wonderful app! How fun,, so much that I just gifted it and probably will do so again ! I feel like a musician. :-)

so much fun! - ★★★★★

by ummbika - Version - Dec 11, 2011

i actually spent hours playing with this app.. its great for relaxation and study breaks

Hours of Fun - ★★★★★

by Jayman73 - Version - Dec 11, 2011

This app is very creative and fun. Great for anyone who want to make music. Worth every 99 pennies.

Epic aural app awesomeness - ★★★★★

by nickdux - Version - Dec 11, 2011

I was amazed the first time I played Pixound on an Amiga and now I'm loving the app. Can't wait to play it on the iPad - I know it will look great in 2x screen mode. My 9 year old is also digging it big time!

Ms. - ★★★★★

by Godzillizdog - Version - Dec 11, 2011

This is an absolute joy to play with. Boom, you are making interesting music, and you are exploring images at the same time. It's gorgeous, and profoundly musical. I can't imagine anyone of any age who wouldn't feel expanded and happy in using Pixound. I'm pretty sure there is no better way to spend 99 cents!

Very functional original instrument - ★★★★★

by McHardism - Version - Dec 10, 2011

This app is very much in the aggregate like an instrument from the future. Like something an alien in the Mos Eisley Cantina would actually play. The reason it is not just another mere sound app is the deepness and complexity of the options. The fact that you can't just jump right in and make meaningful music is a good thing- no real instrument allows you to do that! Also, the synesthesia element of mixing color with sound also seems futuristic to me, as we slowing creep into a world where our senses meld with digital interfaces and the lines between traditional sensory boundaries begin to blur. Bravo to the developer! I look forward to learning this remarkable device.

Awesome application - ★★★★★

by - Version - Dec 10, 2011

I am not a musician but I really enjoy music (and art). I was luck enough to have a chance to use the beta version of this app and found myself enthralled with it. I could create incredible music that was MY music, and could feel the thrill and addiction of being in a jam session. This is an entirely unique application that you need to try to understand.

Awesome app - ★★★★★

by Dfotos - Version - Dec 10, 2011

Lots of fun! Using your own pictures is a nice feature.

This is ground breaking! - ★★★★★

by Pixoundgroupie - Version - Dec 10, 2011

Finally! A real way to hear color and see the music. This thing took over my life! Two people I know bought iPhones just to have this. I am a professional musician and love turning the auto play on and jam with it on my Steinway. Absolutely must have app, 99 cents is nothing! I would have paid way more.


FREE Basic !!!

Full Version 99¢ !!!

See why MTV Hive
calls Pixound Trippy...

And why Gizmodo says
Pixound Is Better than
You Think...

The Home Screen allows you to experience Pixound in it's simplest form where primary color gradients let you play individual voices and then mix them in various ways.

Play Classical music on Mona Lisa, Blues on Mud Morganfield, Samba on a Carnival singer, Progressive rock on a fractal or mix and match any music with any picture, including your own. There are NO limits!

Ten Stock Presets give you a great start for crafting your own saved settings and sometimes offer features only found in Presets.

Choose from over 127 instruments and sounds

Select chord progressions, key and musical scales

Control tempo, and add bass and drums

Control Autoplay and add effects

Use Any Picture to Make Music on Your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Pixound App, the latest addition to the Pixound product suite turns your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into an amazing musical diversion. Imagine creating music in real-time, using any picture you choose as a unique controlling interface for a vast range of sounds and musical parameters. Pixound makes that a reality.

Pixound qualifies as both fun and useful. If endless hours of play are't use enough, iPixound provides a very friendly, logically structured means for the exploration and understanding of fundamental musical components such as scale / modality, chord progression / transposition, rhythm / beat, tempo and note value.

One does not have to be a musician to achieve a great performance with Pixound. If, however, you do happen to be a musician you will delight in the fabulous visual / musical playground Pixound opens up for you.

At the heart of this one-of-a-kind software is a patented technology that translates RGB color information into musical information, thus enabeling you to make music using pictures and videos as the control interface, simply by moving your finger over the image. The music produced is fully structured by you in the music settings you select, in any key, any scale (over 60 to choose from), at any tempo and using any instruments. You may also load presets that you have saved from past settings that you like or use presets that we provide with the software. In the future, preset packages will be available from Technemedia and other Pixound enthusiasts.

Discover Some of the Less
Obvious Features of Pixound!

Pixound is a technology that can be utilized by all. Graphic designers, dancers, music therapists, educators, audio, video and game producers as well as music enthusiasts and children will all find uses (and enjoyment) in Pixound. Unlocking the musical power of color information, Pixound is unique in the world of music/graphics software. Every image becomes a new musical experience to explore. Many software packages have gone from music to color, but only Pixound can go from color to music.

What's New in Pixound 2.0?
We've added some incredible new features in version 2 including:

  • Basic pixound play is now free!
  • Ability to record your movements and notes and play them back later
  • Ability to save your pictures with your presets
  • Ability to share presets and recordings with your friends via email
  • Improved preset management
  • Ability to unlock new presets, songs, over 60 new graphics and MIDI file save for music pros
  • Ability to control 6 separate voices so you can play along with autoplay using different voices
  • New Groove control for rhythms gives tons of variability
  • Ability to turn on magnifier so you can see details hidden under your finger
  • Better timing and stability and various bug fixes

What Can Pixound Be Used For?
In general, Pixound is not a means to an end, any more than a game or a toy. It's for pure in-the-moment pleasure by the user—which is quite enough! However, this is just the beginning of its usefulness and we're sure you'll come up with your own uses too. Here's a small list:

Instrument in live performance
Music and art therapy
Memorization of art and photos
Creative Inspiration
Guitar or other instrument trainer
Teaching device
Deejay tool
Audio surface level
Soothing a baby or toddler
Assistive device for visually impaired

Where We Plan to Take Pixound in the Future
Future products will more fully take advantage of Cyclophone (another Techné software), multi-touch, video, MIDI, Bluetooth, OSC, Recording, Social Networks such as Soundcloud and more. The future of Pixound is bright!


  • Pixound Color-Music Interpreter with manual and autoplay modes
  • 10 Advanced Stock Presets
  • Over 127 instruments and sounds to choose from
  • Over 25 Stock Drum Patterns
  • Over 25 Stock Bass Styles
  • Over 35 Built-in progressions and progression styles
  • Over 75 Musical Scales
  • Up to 11 tracks of sonic output
  • 9 Autoplay styles
  • Mixer and Keyboard
  • Record and play back movements and notes
  • Share presets and recordings with others
  • Load pictures to play with pixound or snap a photo from Pixound
  • Gallery with masterpieces and alternative play screens

iOS 4.3 or higher.